Driving Digital Change

Transform your business, close tech skills gaps and attract only the best tech talent. We work with tech organisations to create a bespoke talent solution based on their needs.

We’re transforming the future of the tech industry

The demand for tech skills is higher than ever, with critical skills gaps needing filled and the demand for diversity and inclusion more important than ever, the industry is changing, and we’re leading from the front.

Here at Techtalent we offer a suite of bespoke solutions aimed at driving tech organisations digital change.

Attract, Recruit, Train, Deploy

TechTalent’s model of Attract, Recruit, Train, Deploy directly connects tech employers with tech talent. We attract and recruit motivated tech talent, train them up via our various accredited learning pathways matched to an organisations needs and then deploy them into the organisation.

Explore our learning pathways, from Cloud Computing to Software Engineering, Data Science to Cyber Security.

Skill Benchmark Assessments

Whether the goal is to transform an organisation, serve new markets, or create a future-fit workforce that’s skilled and ready for the jobs of tomorrow —understand what your team knows, and how to get your teams to the right level.

  • Pin-point Baseline Skills

  • Track growth

  • Train with precision

TechTalent Connect

Create a culture of learning. Start by benchmarking your team’s current skills with clear and concise benchmarking insights, plan your tech team’s growth in a scalable way, and close tech skills gaps with immersive training.

Techtalent Connect allows you to easily Manage, visualise, and build all your Data, Cyber, Software and Cloud skills in one intuitive enterprise platform.

Create your own courses, learning pathways, exams, and everything related to your skills and job roles. Customise and combine your own content and skills with ours.

We Work With Leading Tech Organisations

Here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing businesses we work with.

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Our solutions are built around the needs of tech organisations. Reach out today to find out more, arrange a demo or benchmark your team’s skills.