Tech Talent

Attract, Train, Deploy

Hiring great tech talent is difficult; costly recruitment processes, time consuming administration of hiring, not enough talent with the right tech skills, candidates accepting multiple offers, the list goes on.  Here’s where we come in…

The Benefits of Tech Talent

Our Attract > Train > Deploy Model connects organisations with experienced tech specialists through a highly scalable and innovative hiring solution for organisations looking to access experienced tech talent without any of the traditional overheads. We handle the entire administrative process of recruiting and training individuals, helping reduce the risks and costs faced by organisations who want to rapidly grow and improve their technical capabilities.

  • We’re Flexible

    Our experienced tech talent are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, helping build scalable teams for flexible time periods, built around the needs of the organisation.

  • We Reduce Costs

    Our tech talent are employed by us throughout their placement, removing risks, employment liabilities and costs. Our team also take care of all the day-to-day admin.

  • We Close Skills Gaps

    We work with organisations to source only the best tech talent through out model, training them in their specialised field and then work to deploy them as quickly and as effectively as possible.

  • We’re Scalable

    Whether an organisation is looking for 1 specialist or 100, our infrastructure is built to scale on demand. Our TechTalent Connect platform guides our specialists through guided learning paths, hands-on labs and skill benchmark testing.

  • We’re Diverse

    Our team is diverse giving organisations reach into a broader range of skills and experiences, better cultural awareness with a bigger pool of languages and a varied candidate list with different life experience and points of view.

  • We Care

    Attracting and retaining talent is what we’re all about. We continually mentor and develop the skills of our tech specialists whilst they are in deployment, a key component of ensuring an organisation is satisfied with our performance.

Who we work with

We work with some of the UK’s largest organisations

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We work with organisations to remove the administrative risks and costs of hiring technical staff. Through innovative screening techniques, video chat discussions, face-to-face interviews and technical assessments we’re able to ensure only the best tech talent are chosen to join us. What’s more is that we’ve already got a talent pool of experienced and certified tech specialists, all ready and waiting to access new and exciting opportunities. We operate a bond free model and reward our tech specialists for their loyalty with bonus after 1 year’s service.


We work with our newly recruited tech talent to build a comprehensive learning pathway aimed at ensuring they have all the necessary skills required by the organisation they’ll be placed with. After developing their fundamental skills each individual will then undertake a specialism across Cloud Technologies, Software (Front & Back-End), DevOps, Cyber Security and Data Science, before undergoing assessment.


After we’ve successfully recruited and trained our tech specialists we’re then ready to deploy them into organisations, but learning and development doesn’t stop there. Throughout their placement with an organisation we’ll continue to deliver pastoral care and continuous professional development designed to improve your tech capabilities.

We’re Accredited

Each of our tech specialists are experienced and certified with industry recognised qualifications, including Cloud Technologies, Software (Front & Back-End), DevOps, Cyber Security and Data Science. Our group of tech specialists are ready and waiting to meet you, contact us today to find out more.

Trusted Industry Reviews

  • TechTalent Academy is part of our drive to form partnerships and ultimately hire diverse talent…Capgemini see potential in all people and our recruitment process enables passion and potential to come out as part of the Strengths-based selection process… TechTalent Academy’s curriculum means those completing the courses are equipped to hit the ground running technically in a technology consulting firm like ours and be placed on to billable work soon after joining.

  • UST has successfully transformed the lives of under-represented communities across different geographies with our ‘Step IT Up’ program. Our work with WMCA and Tech Talent Academy paves the way to expand on this initiative across the UK. The local talent we are recruiting brings with them a range of expertise in the data, low code, and RegTech space – and will ultimately enhance our offering to customers.”

  • We are delighted to be partnering with TechTalent Academy. We have always believed that a diverse workforce is a more effective defense. It is also vital in combating the skills gap in the industry that we provide the framework for more groups to learn the skills and enter the industry. To do that, skills development programmes have to be designed to be accessible and inclusive.

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